Flick bus

flick bus

Why save with Flixbus?

Save with FlixBus! Save money with our unbeatably cheap bus tickets, save time with our detailed bus schedules and punctual buses and save the environment, as bus travel is the most environmentally friendly means of transport. So whether youre traveling with FlixBus to Berlin, Prague, Milan, Paris or Frankfurt, youll always travel green!

Where can I travel with Flixbus?

FlixBus now offers affordable and comfortable bus travel across the US! Travel on board green buses to explore cities like Los Angeles, Houston, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New Orleans, Phoenix , San Diego, Sacramento, San Antonio, Washington D.C., New York City, Boston and many more.

Is Flixbus eco-friendly?

FlixBus is one of the most eco-friendly ways to travel. Learn more about our sustainability initiatives and carbon offset programs. Choose from over 80 travel destinations in 11 states and growing! Searching for a last-minute weekend getaway? Planning a vacation with family or friends? Need a break from college? No problem!

Why choose Flixtrain?

With FlixTrain you can travel with fast train connections throughout Germany! With daily routes, you have the opportunity to travel comfortably and with ease, at an unbeatable price. Experience our high speed network with connections to many major cities, without harming the environment.

What are the benefits of using Flixbus?

Each bus is equipped with free Wi-Fi, plenty of overhead storage space, comfortable seats and charging outlets . Best of all, FlixBus prides itself on providing carbon-neutral travel, and even gives passengers the option to purchase CO2 Compensation tickets to make a positive environmental contribution.

Why book a Flixbus vacation?

The Flixbus website even lets you book multiple trips in one go, so you can get everything out of the way in one evening before moving on to planning other aspects of your trip. Travel with peace of mind. Travel WITH a security belt.

Where can I see the Flixbus network?

You can also see their network on the Flixbus website. Cheap: Flixbus’ prices are competitive with even the cheapest buses. They also offer 5-10 euro deals on some short distances around Europe. Just be sure to book a bit in advance. Prices can go up if you want to get a ticket a few days before you plan to travel.

Is Flixbus safe to ride?

I have no experience riding with Flixbus in the US, but you are free to browse through the comments as several people have left their own experiences there. The following post though is strictly a Flixbus Europe review. Having read my fair share of horrible Flixbus reviews, I need to say that overall, Flixbus really is fine.

What is Flixbus like to travel?

Flixbus is all about rebranding buses. Its team promises clean, eco-friendly buses with free wifi. The stops seemed easy enough to find and the prices (starting at 5 Euro!) couldn’t be beat. So I bought my tickets and hoped for the best. Here’s my honest Flixbus review: Berlin, my first stop this trip.

How can FlixTrain and Flixbus help the environment?

FlixTrain and FlixBus today are already one of the most climate-friendly public transport options. Increase renewable energies through alternative drive and fuel technologies Encourage voluntary CO2 offsetting by customers, and uphold 100% CO2 offsetting of our own business travels

Is Flixbus the best way to travel in Europe?

In 2015, FlixBus popularity in Germany allowed them to expand into neighboring countries such as France, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Croatia, as well as regular services to Norway, Spain and England. Now Flixbus is one of the biggest names in bus travel not just in Europe but across the world making it a great choice for a trip in Europe.

Can children travel alone on Flixbus?

Children over 16 can travel alone and will pay the normal fare. Founded in 2013, FlixBus original aim was to provide Germany with long-distance bus journeys. With low-price, comfort, ease, and free WiFi being Flixbus main selling points it quickly became one of Germanys go to bus companies.

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