Adidas lego

adidas lego

What is Adidas Lego®️?

The new exclusive adidas LEGO®️ collection lets you create your world. With playful designs that spark your imagination, it becomes easy to reinvent your surroundings. Find inspiration in anything and step into your own world. Now its easy to put your imagination into action. This world is yours - and its your play.

Can adults wear Adidas Lego® gear?

You don’t have to be a kid to add a little fun and levity to your athletic look with adidas LEGO® gear. Everyone in the family can get in on the fun with LEGO® clothes and shoes made for casual wear. From infants and kids’ to youth and adults, you can find something fit for every generation.

Whats in the Adidas Legoland collection?

Whether youre into flashy yellow or a reduced black & grey, the exclusive adidas LEGO®️ collection has a piece for you. There are Sweatshirts, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweatpants, Shorts and even Onesies in various colour combinations, going from bold to understated.

What are the kollektionen från Adidas Lego®️?

Den nya exklusiva kollektionen från adidas LEGO®️ är skapad för en lekfull känsla. Med färgstarka designs som liknar de klassiska legobitarna blir kollektionen ett sätt att återskapa världen runtom dig. Alla plagg har designats för kreativitet och inspiration till en lekfull inställning.

What is the Adidas x Lego collection?

Inspired by LEGO® play and classic adidas design, the adidas x LEGO® Collection includes kidswear, shoes and even brick-built trainer models, perfect for adidas fans and trainer lovers of all ages. The LEGO Group has teamed up with adidas to introduce a dynamic line of kids clothes and footwear.

Whats new at Adidas Lego®️?

The new adidas LEGO®️ collection enables the power of play for everyone - because youre never too young to start creating your world. With footwear and apparel for infants, little kids and young creators, this collection opens up the world of play for all sizes.

What is the Lego Adidas Originals Superstar?

Designed to inspire creativity and celebrate play, these fun and colourful sweatshirts, t-shirts, jackets, trousers, hats, rucksacks and trainers blend adidas style with LEGO imagination. The LEGO® adidas Originals Superstar makes a unique addition to any trainer collection.

What to wear with Lego® bricks and Adidas design?

Build the LEGO adidas Superstar or add playful colour to your child’s wardrobe with the collection of jackets, socks, sweatshirts and more! Shop for colourful kids’ wear inspired by the playful design of LEGO® bricks and adidas design.

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